Electric Fencing


  • No one can jump-in your premises.
  • Get Siren alert for forceful entry.
  • Get Siren alert for wire cutting.
  • 24hr battery backup.
  • Fence is not human dangerous.


Is electric fence safe?

Yes, electric fence is 100% safe. The width and interval of the shock pulse is so adjusted such that our heart can sustain such a shock without any harm. More over it does not leave any mark on one's skin at the point of contact. The electric fence system is totally NON-LETHAL.

Is installing electric fence legal?

Yes, the system is legal because the system design, components and installation comply with the requirements of Indian laws(Refer IS 302: Part 2: Sec 76 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Part 2: Particular Requirements - Section 76: Electric Fence Energizers.)

What happens if the fence wires are cut or shorted?

The system will trigger an alarm, thus alerting the security guards and the owner of the property.

Is the system prone to false alarms due to changes in the weather, heavy rain, fog, snow, high winds, falling leaves, wet paper bags, wild animals, etc.?

No false alarms in above cases.

What happens if the mains fail?

Our systems have standby power supplies. In the event of mains failure rechargeable batteries power the system for approx. 24 hrs.

What is the power consumption of Electric Fence?

A standard system consumes very less power which is comparable with a laptop charger.

Can gates be protected?

Yes, all forms of security opening, sliding and power gates can be fully protected.

Why should I install electric fence?

Electric fence installation restricts any intrusion right from your boundary wall. Thus no one can jump-in in your premises

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